I have had a long-standing partnership with Geoff, throughout which he has been curious, professional and a man of his word. Each time I need to fill a vacancy for my team, Geoff provides 3 candidates for interview, invariably with a range of differing qualities and personalities, making our eventual choice a tough but welcome challenge. Every recruit has fit the bill, deepening my trust of Geoff’s insight and capability to understand our precise requirements.

Managing Director, Head of Global Rates, Market Risk Tier 1 US Investment Bank

Geoff listens. He is the only consultant I turn to, even for roles he may not be expertise in, because I know he’ll ‘get’ it and deliver.

Co-Head, Data & Analytics Platform

Global Asset Manager

I’m certain Geoff’s intuition for sales recruits – tuned in expertly to the range of skill sets and personalities required for each role – comes from his years of experience in sales. Accessing Geoff’s expertise and attention to detail is a no brainer.

Principal, Head of HNW Sales, Middle East

Swiss Wealth Management Firm


As we have such a strong leaning towards quantitative IT techniques, Geoff is our go-to point of contact. His knowledge and experience of the quantitative IT space is necessary for us, and his recruitment vision and decision-making is precise.

Director of Strategy, Quant Investment Management

UK Tier 1 Investment Bank

We often need a rapid turnaround when contacting Geoff for help; he not only serves our purposes with speed, but also with exceptional quality of candidates.

Head of IT Governance & Strategy

International Energy Company

Geoff is thorough and understands our technology needs throughout our somewhat complex recruiting processes. His focus is single-minded in aligning the candidates with our own unique requirements, which invariably results in the right fit.

Head of Enterprise Data Science

UK Technology Firm


With over 100 sales reps with varying levels of seniority working across different regions, Geoff’s help has been invaluable in continuing the production line when staffing requirements need to be fulfilled.

Chief Commercial Officer

International Ticketing Services Company

Geoff is a very well-connected professional who knows which candidates to prepare for our interview and assessment-based recruitment process. And he knows how to prepare them because they say so!

Americas, Business Development Director

US Retail Company

Our revenue increases are partially the direct result of Geoff’s ability to find outstanding sales professionals (his contacts are a given). He gives us a selection, talks us through their skill sets and which specific roles are suitable for each candidate. He knows his stuff and we need his expertise.

EMEA, Head of Sales & Marketing

UK Sales & Marketing Company